About Us

Daniel & Katie Baeza, Owners

Committed to making your experience unsurpassed!

Daniel started his journey in the pool business. His experience includes supervising remodeling pools, as well as new pool construction, and all of the phases included in those projects. The pool business lead him to focusing on one part of the project - concrete. His experience, and knowledge in the area of concrete, concrete coatings, travertine pavers, etc has made Copper Sky Concrete  what it is today. His personable nature, and straight forward attitude will put you at ease. 

Katie also has experience in the pool industry. She worked for a major pool company in Arizona, and then moved on to manage a waterfall company. 12 years ago she made the career move to manage a medical office. She has put her experience in all that  managing an office requires into Copper Sky Concrete, LLC. She will be happy to   answer any questions you may have regarding your project.


Daniel & Katie are both Arizona Natives, have been married for 22 years with 5 children and 4 grandchildren.